Hot Blog Blog 004 – Philadelphia Phillies

Hot Blog Blog 004 – Philadelphia Phillies

Its our first big league review,  and it’s from Citizen’s Bank Park in Philly, here we go.


Phillies dog



The condiment selection was standard for an MLB ballpark. All the usual workings were available, as well as relish and diced onions. Solid lineup and for that we thank you, Phillies.

Condiment Rating – 7


The bun was fluffy and toasted. Find me a more iconic duo, I’ll wait. It was truly a great hot dog bun that left me wanting more.

Bun Rating – 8

Hot Dog

The dog was a solid dog. It had just the right amount of char and was warm on a cold night. Temperature is huge in our rating scale and this did not disappoint. I was in Flavortown (Guy Fieri reference)

Hot Dog Rating –  8


Always where MLB ballpark dogs take a hit. However, this one was priced at $4.00 which is fair. By reference, Citizens Bank Park is on the lower end of pricing in the MLB. Most dogs jump significantly in price after this mark, so you can’t complain about that.

Price Rating – 7


This dog was presented in a cardboard box. Nothing too special about it, but it was held together well. Personally, I love some paper or foil wrapping my dog, but I get it. Mo’ dogs, mo’ problems.

Presentation – 6


Overall Rating 7.2


Doug Condran is the Box Office Manager for the Lancaster Barnstormers and the founder of Baseball Desk. Follow him on Twitter @Dougmore_23


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