Hot Dog Blog 003 – Lancaster Barnstormers

Hot Dog Blog 003 – Lancaster Barnstormers

I know what you are thinking. Yes, I work for the Lancaster Barnstormers. No, that will not disrupt the integrity of our rating system. Enjoy.


Lancaster Barnstormers Hot Dog


This is the strongest condiment selection we have seen so far. All of the standard condiments are available in push bottles AND packets, that’s a plus. Diced onions were also available, which is HUGE on the rating scale. The condiment cart was also the largest that we have seen.

Condiment Rating – 8


This bun was decent, at best. It was not toasted, and seemed to be a bit stale. See the cracks on the left side in the picture above? yeah, that’s not good.

Bun Rating – 4

Hot Dog

This was a solid dog. When the dogs are sized like this, its pretty hard to cook them to perfection. They either get burnt to a crisp, or feel like they aren’t done. This was done well, and was probably one of the best dogs we’ve had so far in regards to flavor.

Hot Dog Rating – 8

Hot Dog Doug.jpg



The dog was priced at $3.25, no complaints here.

Price Rating – 8


Although it was served in a cheap paper bed, they gave us a box to put it in when carrying. There were no char marks on the dog or loose flower on the bun. Overall the presentation was solid.

Presentation Rating – 6

This was a solid dog. In theory, it was just a solid bun away from being a fantastic dog. 

Overall Rating – 6.8


Alex Einhorn is the Game Presentation Manager and On-Field Host for the Lancaster Barnstormers and the founder of Baseball Desk. Follow him on twitter @EinhornTweets and @BaseballDesk

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