Hot Dog Blog 002- Harrisburg Senators

Hot Dog Blog 002- Harrisburg Senators

If you haven’t heard, Tim Tebow is playing pro baseball, which led us to City Island in Harrisburg, PA to see the Senators – AA Nationals. However, we had more important things in mind, rating their ballpark hot dogs. Question is, was it worth the 40 mile trip down Rt 283? Lets find out (spoiler, no.)

Harrisburg Senators Hot Dog


They actually had a pretty decent selection here. Mustard, honey mustard, ketchup, relish, onions, and even hot sauce. There was one weird thing however, they ran out of mayonnaise, and instead of filling the dispenser, they just placed a half used bottle on the counter. It looked like it came out of my dorm room fridge from when I was nineteen years old, kind of gross.

Condiment Rating – 7


They did toast the bun, which is a nice touch, although it seems like they were using it as a cover up for stale bread. That’s gunna be a no from me, dawg.

Bun Rating – 4

Hot Dog

This hot dog was average. It was not bad by any means, but it certainly wasn’t good. As you can see in the photo, there is some grill marks on the dog, and not the good kind. It felt slightly under cooked, and a little slimy.

Hot Dog Rating – 5


The only really encouraging thing about this wiener was the price, $3.25 is a fair deal for a dog at a ballgame.

Price Rating – 8


Take a look for yourself, see that little paper bed that the dog is sitting on? Yeah, that’s pretty big no-no in our world. This presentation is terrible, it gives condiments the opportunity to leak through the paper and get everywhere, ruining not just your hot dog experience, but your whole day, really.

Presentation Rating – 5

Overall Score

No beating around the bush, this hot dog was underwhelming. I wont waste any more time talking about it.

Overall Score – 5.8



Alex Einhorn is the Game Presentation Manager and On-Field Host for the Lancaster Barnstormers and the founder of Baseball Desk. Follow him on twitter @EinhornTweets and @BaseballDesk

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