Ask THIS question at your Sales Interview

One GIANT Piece of Advice when Interviewing for a Sales Job

Over the years, I’ve interviewed for numerous jobs in sports, mostly baseball, with all of them involving some sort of sales role.

As you know, the interview process can be long, stressful and taxing as you look to further your career. One of the biggest pieces of advice that you will get when  looking to improve your interview skills is this; always ask questions at the end.

This is true for a few reasons. One, it shows that you have put some work into preparing for the interview, which shows ambition. Two, if you ask the right questions, you may actually learn something about the organization that you didn’t know, imagine that.

There is a reason I bolded right questions above, this is key. The number one question I have heard asked by young sales reps, and the same question I used to always ask is “What will my sales goal be?” or “How much will I be expected to sell?”

Sure, this feels and even sounds like a reasonable question, but trust me, it’s not. When you ask this question you are doing two things to yourself. One, you are showing the person who is responsible in hiring you that you are okay with hitting your goal and stepping off the gas at that number, otherwise, why would you ask? Two, by asking this question, you are mentally limiting yourself. Even if you are not doing it on purpose, when you have a goal in mind and get confirmation on what it is, your telling yourself it’s okay to hit your goal and call the season a success regardless of when you hit it.

Okay, here is where my advice comes in. It’s as simple as rephrasing that question just a bit. It’s perfectly reasonable for you to be curious about your upcoming sales number. Let’s word the questions this way:

“How much opportunity is there for me in this market?” or “How much freedom will I have to go out and generate business?”

You see what I did there? These questions show that you are hungry, and that you are just wanting to make sure that there is enough out there for you to capitalize on, rather then asking how you will be evaluated. When you ask questions like these at interviews, it is sure to give you a leg up on the competition.

Have any other helpful interview tips for working in sports? Send me an email at or tweet me @EinhornTweets.

Happy interviewing,


Alex Einhorn is the Game Presentation Manager and On-Field Host for the Lancaster Barnstormers and the founder of Baseball Desk. Follow him on twitter @EinhornTweets and @BaseballDesk



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