Hot Dog Blog 001 – Aberdeen IronBirds

Hot Dog Blog 001 – Aberdeen IronBirds

Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, this is a thing. Along with bringing you insight from the best sports minds in the business, we are also going to be doing something a little more mindless- rating ballpark hot dogs.

Lets get right to it. This weekend we traveled to Maryland to see the Aberdeen Ironbirds, ( Ledios Park at Ripken Stadium) and of course, grub on a hot dog. The rating system is pretty simple, I’ll trust that you will figure it out.





Lets start with the most basic variable, the condiments. All in all, everything was going pretty well. We ordered the hot and went straight to the closest condiment station. As we scanned the cart we noticed they didn’t have relish or diced onions, we will deduct a few points for this, but its not a review killer by any means. BUT wait, surely we missed something? This cant be reality? It is, there was NO ketchup at the condiment station closest to the hot dog stand. This is detrimental. 

Condiment rating – 1



This was a solid bun. It was toasted, which seems obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many ballparks don’t do this. It wasn’t so small that you felt like the dog was going to slip away, nor was it so big that all you could taste was bread. This was a solid bun for not being a specialty. 

Bun Rating – 7


Hot Dog

It was a Berks hot dog. They called it a jumbo dog, but didn’t offer a normal size. It was pretty decent in size, and fit in the bun perfectly. It was cooked perfectly and had enough flavor to come through the condiments. Very solid wiener.

Dog Rating – 8



Like I said, this was a jumbo dog. We will always review the normal sized hot dogs, but since the jumbo is all that they offer, it becomes their standard hot dog. It was priced at $4.75, I wont complain about that.

Price Rating – 6



I was pretty pleased with this. It came in a tray, with a nice paper covering opposed to a tiny paper hot dog bed, those suck. This had a nice look.

Presentation Rating – 8


Overall Score

This was a solid hot dog, as you can see by the scores above. The lack of ketchup being available (which is an easy fix) is what is really holding this back. Who knows, maybe the IronBirds will see this and petition for a second scoring, after our mandatory 30 day waiting period, of course.

Overall Score – 6


Here’s one more look before you go:

Iron Dog


Alex Einhorn is the Game Presentation Manager and On-Field Host for the Lancaster Barnstormers and the founder of Baseball Desk. Follow him on twitter @EinhornTweets and @BaseballDesk


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