Irreplaceable People DON’T get Promoted


I once gave some really good advice to a friend and coworker. Here it is:

Irreplaceable people never get promoted.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that what I just said doesn’t make any sense.

Here’s why it does.

If you take pride in your job and the work that you are doing, it’s easy to be constantly looking for more responsibilities to take on, that’s natural. A HUGE mistake I see people making all the time is taking on new job duties, and not letting anything else go. This cycle will repeat itself for a few years, and before you know it, you’ll be doing the job of five different people, and you’ll be up to your neck with things to do.

Here’s the situation; you’ve been taking on work for years, without letting any of your current job responsibilities go, or giving them to someone else. When your company is hiring for a position above you, of course you’ll want to apply. You think you’ll have a good chance to get the job, since you are doing so much for the company already, but trust me, you’re wrong. Here is how the company might view it:

If they promote you, they have to train you on your new job role along with training the new hire they acquired to replace you in your old role. They have to train two people.

If they leave you in your current role, and hire someone above you, they only have to train one person, the new hire.

I’m not saying this is right, or fair, but I’ve seen this happen, and sometimes companies just think this way, they can’t help it.

Let me be clear, I’m not saying to give away all of your job responsibilities and start asking for a promotion. What I am saying is this; if you are fortunate enough to get more responsibilities, don’t be afraid to train someone else on things that you have mastered. This doesn’t make you lazy, it makes you a leader.

Alex Einhorn is the Game Presentation Manager and On-Field Host for the Lancaster Barnstormers and the founder of Baseball Desk. Follow him on twitter @EinhornTweets and @BaseballDesk



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