How Hard is it to Get a Job in Sports?

How Hard is it to Get a Job in Sports?

Here’s the simple answer: It’s very hard.

Here’s the complex answer:

Sports are a passion for a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean it can be turned into a proffesion. The demand for jobs in professional sports is very high, this means there are not many jobs available. When there are open jobs, the competition won’t be easy. If you want to work in sports but don’t have any experience, references, or know anyone in the industry, you only have one choice; hustle your way in. 

Chances are, you are NOT going to unexpectedly get the opportunity of a lifetime in sports, a job won’t fall into your lap. Everything in sports business happens on purpose. 

Have a plan

Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be a good plan. Just have a plan, any plan, and then execute. If your plan is to email every professional baseball team in the country and introduce yourself and ask about job opportunities, then do that, seriously, just do it. Don’t get halfway through and quit, because then you’ll never know if that was going to work or not. If you get through it, and it doesn’t work, write a new plan, and start over again.

I know this sounds simple, but trust me, its good advice because the only real way to get into the business is to want it more then the next person, and then prove it.

So stop reading this, and get started. Once you have an interview, email me (seriously, do it) and i’ll help you prepare.

Until next time,

Alex Einhorn is the Game Presentation Manager and On-Field Host for the Lancaster Barnstormers and the founder of Baseball Desk. Follow him on twitter@EinhornTweets


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  1. Regina Thomas says:

    Good advice for young people just starting in the industry. It’s a huge world for them and sometimes they just don’t know how to begin.


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