FUN is Not A Crime!

As an entitled, financially illiterate, lazy millenial, who lacks loyalty to my employer and is depressed because of Facebook, I obviously can’t understand why it’s not OK to have fun at work. Seriously, what’s the deal with all of these boring meetings, spreadsheets, stupid reports nobody reads and deadlines? I know they try to spice things up, but since I can’t cook, the monthly potluck just reminds me I’m terrible at “adulting.” Happy Hours were cool until old man Jack had too many whiskey’s and started crying about his divorce. We can’t go to an amusement park because “not everyone rides roller coasters.” I know this isn’t Google, but when did having FUN get outlawed?

If this sounds like you, or anyone on your team, you have a problem. The solution is #RevsTime! We’ve got something for everybody. From kids to single adults, families and seniors, we work our butts off to make sure York County has somewhere to go to escape the mundane routine of the modern working world and the depressing habitat of the internet. You can show up late, take as long to eat as you want, leave early if you wish and even have a few drinks – all while being free from the chastisement of the cube farm and those awful lights! Don’t like baseball? That’s cool. How about ice cream, kids racing while dressed up as fruit, dancing, adults getting pied in the face, free t-shirts, cannon blasts and fireworks?

If you’ve been living in a world devoid of FUN, it’s time to punch your ticket to #RevsTime. Write your lawmakers, email HR and sign those petitions. You deserve better. Your company wants to be better. Together, we can make this happen. FUN is not a crime!

Reed Gunderson is the Director of Group and Hospitality Sales for the York Revolution


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