Life after Baseball

Life after Baseball

When I started my career in the Sports industry, I never thought I would become as attached to it as I did. But it happened, and after a brief 4 year run, my time has come to move on from my career in sports and focus on applying my degree to it’s “other” intended purpose. Four years ago I decided to return to college and pursue a degree in Information Technology, more specifically the field of Cyber-security. As I move on from sports I often catch myself reminiscing on the chapter I just finished, while I currently write the next chapter of my story. What a chapter it was and oh all the things (good and bad) I learned along the way. As I live this life after baseball, I wanted to share some thoughts with you about how my life in the baseball industry contributes daily to my life.

 Working in professional sports, especially independent baseball, is a beast of its own nature. The amount of knowledge and experience you are able to obtain knows no boundaries. In my time in the industry I learned so many things that I thought I would never experience, and that I never knew would come in handy outside of baseball. Some of those experiences I can directly attribute to luck of the draw. Then there are some skills and experiences I can directly attribute to my General Manager, Courtney Knichel, and her efforts and guidance she provided to me for my personal and professional growth. Sometimes, I come across something in my personal life or in my new professional experience, where I can directly correlate some sort of experience in the Atlantic League with the Blue Crabs, to the outcome of that situation. To think how one small event in any other aspect of my life can revert my memory back to my Front Office time with the Blue Crabs, and how that time in the baseball industry has instilled long lasting traits and experience that will stick with me forever.

                So…… you might ask, how is life after baseball? Do you miss it?

Life after my position in baseball is the reality now, but I don’t think the life has escaped me and I don’t think it ever will. To be brutally honest, I won’t miss the politicking that the industry requires. I without a doubt won’t miss the long hours the industry requires, or the brutal monotony the off-season brings. I will miss the rush of adrenaline you get before the gates open on opening night, and the aroma of ballpark food throughout the air. Strangely enough, I will miss tarp pulls. I will miss the coworkers who turned to friends and then turned into family. I’ll miss the life lessons and professional growth offered to me by my superior. I will miss a lot of things. But it makes me happy that I won’ t have long hours that make me miss watching my daughter grow, or stop me from spending quality time with my family.

So, life after baseball is good, but it is different. It hasn’t been long since I moved on from the industry, and I hope I am able to hold the memories made close to me forever. I love this new chapter, but I am so thankful for the old. I am thankful that my one attachment to the previous chapter in my life will be my ability to continue to contribute to the Baseball Desk and this amazing staff I’ve met throughout my time in the industry. For now, that will have to do!

Thank you CK

Thank you Blue Crabs.

Thank you Atlantic League.

-Jason Sproesser


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