I wear a jersey to work every day, and I don’t play. But what’s next?

I wear a jersey to work every day, and I don’t play. But what’s next?

Here is how it all started: in the winter of 2013 I got my first internship in baseball with the Lancaster Barnstormers of the Atlantic League. Actually, I got two internships, I was also accepted as an intern with the Cape Cod League in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After seeing the level of play and facilities in the Atlantic League, I chose the Barnstormers.

When I first started, it was absolutely nothing like I expected it to be. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think I was going to be thrown into a board room making decisions on baseball operations, but at the same time, I definitely didn’t think it was going to be what it was. On my first day, I probably ripped over a thousand tickets getting them ready to be dropped off at schools all the around county. Oh yeah, and then I dropped them off ALL around the county.

Flash forward five seasons and here I am, still with the Barnstormers. My current title is “Game Presentation.” I am the on-field host, I oversee the press box including the camera guys, replay, music, PA, video board director and all aspects that go into running an individual game. I also sell, everyone sells. I sell groups, picnics, suites, advertising, sponsorship and food vendors. Do I like to sell? I’d be lying if I said I absolutely loved it. I like to create partnerships, and if that means a sale gets on paper, then yes, I like to sell.

Here’s the thing. Everyone in this industry, regardless of team, has to have their hands in a few different pots. Everyone pulls tarp, everyone takes tickets, and everyone stays for games. Usually, there is one thing you really want to do or are really good at, and that becomes your main responsibility that sits above the rest. I don’t have that right now. I do a lot of things and I enjoy every single one. I have been told many times “Utility players never win MVP.” My usual response is “But they always win championships.”




Do I currently have my dream job? Yes. Will it be my dream job when I am thirty? I sure hope not. My point is this: just keep going. It’s okay if you have no idea where you will be in three, five or ten years. If you can look back on each year and specifically name areas that you have improved on, you are going in the right direction. Don’t get me wrong, it can be difficult to sit by and watch people leave for bigger and better things, to watch your team bring in employees that automatically jump you on the totem pole. Just remember, if you have the right attitude, everything you are doing will pay off, even if it feels like no one is watching.

As for me, I’m still waiting for the perfect opportunity, and I know it’s on the way. I want to change baseball. I want to change it for the better. I want to change it for the fans, the community, the staff, the players and even the sponsors. I don’t know how yet, but I know I will.


Alex Einhorn
Game Presentation / Lancaster Barnstormers
Founder / Baseball Desk

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