My Brief Encounter With Dennis Rodman

As the On-Field Host of a Minor League Baseball Team, I have conducted many interviews with celebrities. None of them were as awkward and bland as the one I had with NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman.

It’s no surprise to anyone that Dennis Rodman is back in the media, but for all the wrong reasons. The once glorified NBA talent has made headlines over the last few years because of his “friendship” and travels to visit Kim Jon-un in North Korea.

As the On-Field Host for the Independent League Lancaster Barnstormers in Lancaster, PA (Yes, I shoot t-shirts for a living) I am responsible for interviewing and engaging with celebrities that come into the ballpark as attendance boosters. This year I had the (dis) pleasure of sitting down with Rodman.

All of my questions were pre-approved and could not contain anything pertaining to past relationships, personal life or international travels. That left me with one thing to talk about –  basketball.

After arriving ten minutes late to the pregame show booth, Rodman was hesitant to enter and I repeatedly had to signal to my director to keep running commercial spots, until I could get him in the booth. After agreeing to six basketball related questions, I was informed by one of his handlers that he was to only answer just one of them.


dennis Rodman


Before I knew it we were live and I had to make a split second decision on which question to ask. I jumped right to the middle of my page and asked him about Michael Jordan and the day he joined the Chicago Bulls. His answer was brief, taking just under 10 seconds. At this point, I had a decision to make, do I close the interview and sign off after just 60 seconds? Or do I go back to question number one and run the risk of him storming out (which would probably make for a good interview ending anyway.)

I ran through my five remaining questions and was less than entertained by the sub-par unenthusiastic answers Rodman provided. After a few minutes, I signed off, he slapped me on the shoulder and said “See ya bud.” That was it.

After all my preparation, my interview with the Hall of Famer was over with no smile, no good answers and most importantly, no effort.


Alex Einhorn is the On-Field Host for the Lancaster Barnstormers of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball and co-founder of Baseball Desk. You can connect with him on Linkedin here.


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