My Motivation, The “Pop”

In this business, there are days filled with long hours, strenuous tasks, sweltering heat, and little to no sleep. I never ask myself this, but have had this question asked to me on many occasions; why do we do it? A baseball veteran once told me something that has been with me ever since, “Working in Baseball, is an addiction no one wants to shake.” But what fuels the addiction? What drags us out of bed after a 7-game home stand and 10 straight 16-18 hour days? How do we do it?

“An addiction that no one wants to shake.”

Now, the answer I am going to provide, confidently describes my motivation. I believe I can also speak for my fellow contributors here at  Baseball Desk. This may seem to be the corniest, most politically correct answer in the books, but it’s true; it’s the fans! I know what you may be thinking, and please spare the cliché related responses, but this is one of the main reasons I do what I do.

Let’s talk about my absolute favorite moment at the ballpark – imagine you have spent countless months, days, and hours preparing for a home stand that your organization depends on from top to bottom. Fans need to be in seats, players need to see the community has their backs, and food and merchandise need to be purchased to make a profit. Now imagine this, you get your first opportunity to break from your in-game tasks and take in the atmosphere in which your team has tirelessly worked to create. Suddenly a big play happens for the home team, and you don’t just hear a roar, you hear “The Pop”. That moment is where the anxiety and silence of a fan on their edge of their seat, waiting on the outcome of a play, are transitioned into audible delight and everyone is on their feet. That’s the motivation. That sound and experience alone are the remedy to your exhaustion, sore body, and perspiration. That sound alone can get me through a whole season, only if I hear it just once. Lucky for me, our community and organization give me that opportunity multiple times. This provides me with not just goosebumps, but a consistent motivation to do what I do, to the best of my ability. Walk off wins, completely dominate victories, and anything in between the home opener and the championship clincher. These are the opportunities we get if we are lucky, and I am willing to bet that we all fully soak them in.

“You don’t just hear a roar, you hear The Pop.

Now, obviously, there are other things that motivate me. From my personal experience, when motivating a child who loves baseball but struggles in school to meet the standards is part of that journey; whether it is just setting up a game a catch on the field with a player or coach. Or coming out of pocket to offer incentives for them to do well. You grow to love the community in which your team is attached, it is your job. But it becomes more than a job, inevitably it becomes your mission. Lucky for me, my opportunity to get involved came with my hometown team, and I can use this avenue to improve my community. But these, in addition to the reaction of the crowd, are two things that are not materialistic, that I grow my motivation and energy from. And I could not be happier.

So, I admit, I am an addict. I love Baseball, and I love working in baseball. I love my organization from top to bottom, and I love my community.


Jason Sproesser is the Director of Sales for the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. Connect with him on Linkedin.

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