Pitch or Ditch #1 4/16/13

This post will tell you who start or not for that nights game.

Brandon Mcarthy- Pitch vs Yankees

Ivan Nova- Ditch vs Diamondbacks

Felix Doubrount- Ditch vs Indians

Ubaldo Jimenez- Ditch vs Redsox

Jake Westbrook- Pitch vs Pirates

Jonathan Sanchez- Ditch vs Cardinals

Roberto Hernandez- Ditchvs Orioles

Jake Arrieta- Pitch vs Rays

Dylan Axelrod- Ditch vs Blue Jays

Josh Johnson- Pitch vs Whitesox

Jeremy Guthrie- Ditch vs Braves

Kris Medlen- Pitch vs Royals

Kyle Kendrick- Ditch vs Reds

Homer Baily- Pitch vs Phillies

Derek Holland- Pitch vs Cubs

Travis Wood- Ditch vs Rangers

Jason Varges- Ditch vs Twins

Mike Pelfrey- Ditch vs Angels

Barry Zito- Ditch vs Brewers

Willy Peralta- Ditch vs Giants

Brad Peacock- Ditch vs Athletics

AJ Griffin- Pitch vs Astros

Doug Fister- Pitch vs Mariners

Aaron Harang- Ditch vs Tigers

Jason Marquis- Pitch vs Dodgers

Chris Capuano- Ditch vs Padres

Keep checking for more updates…

Please tell me what you think. Ask questions and let me help you with your team

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