Welcome to Spring in Southern Maryland

As we enter the month of May, every team in the Atlantic League has passed their respective opening days. Every professional baseball organization in the country is now in full swing of their seasons, with the exception of the summer leagues.The smell of baseball is in the air and the sounds of the game flood through stands full of hopeful fans grateful that the winter has come to an end. For some it is a revival of the greatest game on earth, and a chance to root for their hometown favorites. For others, it is a culmination of months of hard work.

As a member of the front office of an independent baseball organization, Opening Day comes with a mixed bag of emotions. We put in so much work covering all the bases for that particular day, and the whole season to happen. Only to realize that it is just the beginning of watching 6 plus months of work come to fruition. For the better part of the past 7 months, we have spent nearly every waking moment doing our part to make the 2017 season a reality for our organization. I have been in the board rooms with the executive staff of major organizations, to the back rooms of smallest businesses selling sponsorship.

Independent baseball doesn’t hold the luxuries of other leagues, the front office works diligently in the offseason to piece together everything needed to make the season a success. The marketing department has worked to strengthen the organization’s presence in the community, the sales team has focused on season ticket sales and corporate sponsorship commitments, upper management has re-signed players and filled empty holes to improve the roster, and these are just a few examples.

In independent baseball no one has one specific job, they have focuses. In order for you to provide the product your fans deserve, a total team effort is required. One day you may be talking to a business owner securing the sponsorship, the next day you may be cutting the grass, painting some stairs, or up 60 feet in the air on a lift hanging sponsorship banners. In this league, it does take a village. Luckily for me I am blessed to be surrounded with the most dedicated village in existence(CK,TC,SS,JO,TL,TR,PO,EW,BB).

We support each other, we are a family. That family dynamic is what makes this possible and is essential in the entire plan coming together. Baseball season is only 6 months long, but the front office season last year round. It is the driving force behind the scenes that generates the product which we gladly present to our fan base night in and night out.

Jason Sproesser
Director of Sales
Southern Maryland Blue Crabs


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